Customer Experience Associates

Lagos, Nigeria | Full-time


About Us

We are a fast paced, venture backed startup, our mission is to empower African students to make the best decision about their education and their future. Our products are used by students, secondary schools and higher education institutions spanning four different continents.

The education sector is undergoing rapid change, and with an increasing amount of educational brands, curriculums and programs available it can be difficult for students to truly know what the best institution and program is for them. At StudySearch we’re building software tools to help students and families make better decisions through the education selection process. The higher education market in Africa is a $20B+ opportunity, We’re excited at solving big problems, making a positive impact and building a big company.

Customer Experience Assistant

The Customer Experience team at StudySearch is responsible for ensuring we continuously deliver a world class customer experience to our clients. We are seeking a highly empathetic, analytical, tactical, and creative team player to join this team.

The chosen candidate will use extensive analytics to assist the overall strategy, execution, and optimization of customer service. Genuine, deep empathy will be needed to assist customers one-on-one, both through product usage and other key channels. They will constantly be testing and experimenting to ensure our customer experience standards are exceeded. Net promoter score will be a core metric used to measure performance.

Our Company Ethos & Values

We take responsibility for supporting our people to achieve their full potential. We spend almost as much time with the people we work with as we do our own family so we think it is very important to like and trust our team mates. Our company values in no particular order:

  1. Deliver Results

  2. Champion The Mission

  3. Be Creative

  4. Keep it Simple

  5. Always Humble

  6. Leaders  

  7. Be The Best

  8. Always Think first

Must Have Skills

As a early stage startup we like specialist, but we place a higher value on generalists! You’ll have to work across all teams and get stuck in to a wide range of projects, and excell at a range of tasks. 

Must be an exceptionally quick learner

Must have hunger and desire to improve Yourself

Must be intelligent and inquisitive

must be biased to action

must have high level experience using/making technology


You’ll get an awesome experience working with super intelligent, friendly people. The freedom to explore your ideas, create projects and develop your skills. Salary and equity are based on individual experience and contribution.